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  • September2022

    We have resumed MC cartridge production and are expecting to deliver the first lot possibly in the first half of November.
    However, we already are holding many orders in backorder and a first production quantity is limited and therefore, a delivery of lately received orders may be delayed to December.
    Sorry, please give us a little more time.
    Thank you.
  • August2022

    We will be relocating the office to the address below from 18th of this month.
    Room 208, Eishu Building , 98 Sorincho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8262, JAPAN
  • June2022

    We have completed the final prototype of “Sumile”.
    Production will resume as soon as the finish is decided.
    Sumile-mono” will resume shipping this month and Sumile will resume shipping next month.
    ハウジング8個 拡大する
    試作3個 拡大する
  • January2022

    We will resume production of “Sumile” and “Sumile-mono” from around April.
  • November2021

    I’ m sorry but, due to soaring raw material costs, we will raise the price of MC transformer “Nobala”.
  • September2021

    We will change the factory where “Sumile”’s metal processing is performed.
    We can’t manufacture “Sumile” now.
    Please wait until production resumes.
    (There is no problem with repairs.)
  • August2021

    There is a delay in the production of “Sumile” and “Sumile-mono”.
    This is because it takes time to cut stainless steel.
    If you ordering, please wait for a while.

    There will also be a delay in the launch of new product “MT510”.
    This can be shipping next month.
  • June2021

    Sumile” and “Nobala” were awarded GOLD FINGERPRINT.(High Fidelity )
  • April2021

    The first shipment of MT510 will be delayed. The reason is that it takes time to produce parts (resistors). Therefore, the first shipment will be changed to August. We apologize to the customers who placed the order.
  • March2021

    A new product “MT510” has been added to the product page.
    Shipping will begin around June.
  • December2019

    For a while we will not be able to produce MC transformer Nobala.
    The reason is that the production of MC transformer itself is delayed.
    There is no problem with orders already received.
    They will ship soon.
    However, future production is scheduled for next spring.
    We are very sorry for this inconvenience.
  • September2019

  • July2019

  • March2019

    We will exhibit at HIGH END MUNICH 2019.
    The room is Hall 1 A-05.
    We will exhibit in this room with SPEC CORPORATION, Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company, CROSSZONE LTD.
    We are looking forward to seeing you.
  • November2018

  • November2018

    We completed the cover of the MC Transformer “Nobala.” which was delayed in production.
    We are satisfied with this finishing.
    Proceeding from now on, we plan to ship the first shipment at the end of this month.
  • September2018

    We must apologize for the delay in the delivery of “Nobala.”
    The cover of Nobala was completed the other day.
    But we were not satisfied with the violet finish of the cover.
    We will redo the process again.
  • July2018

    It is the cover of Nobala during processing.
    It is made from an aluminum block weighing 3.6kg.
  • July2018

    Thank you for many orders about “Nobala.”
    But we are sorry, our production capacity has not kept up with those orders.
    Nobala’s initial shipment will be from the end of September to the beginning of October.
  • July2018

    We started selling a MC Transformer “Nobala.”
  • May2018

    We are advancing the final prototype of MC Transformer “Nobala.”
    We are planning to announce “Nobala” next month.
  • May2018

    You can listen the sound of “Sumile” at the Munich show.
    It is a room of J. Sikora Turntables (F 231a).
    We are looking forward to seeing you.
  • March2018

    A new review of "Sumile" was on a Polish magazine(HIFI KNIGHTS).
  • February2018

    "Sumile" made the cover of magazine.
    It is FIDELITY in Germany.
  • December2017

    We started selling a MC Cartridge “Sumile-mono.
  • December2017

    MC Cartridge “Sumile” received the PF Writers Choice Awards 2017.
    MC Cartridge “Sumile” received the PF Writers Choice Awards 2017.
  • July2017

  • May2017

    To customers who have been waiting for a shipment of "Sumile" MC cartridge,
    please be informed that we resumed the shipment and you will receive the cartridges very soon.
  • April2017

    To customers who have placed orders for "Sumile" MC cartridges

    The production of the "Sumile" MC cartridges that were scheduled to be shipped out this month is well behind schedule.
    Please accept our sincere apology.
    The delay in production is due to the late arrival of stylus (diamond tips).
    We will complete production and ship the cartridges out as soon as we receive the diamond tips.
    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Murasakino Ltd.
    Daisuke Asai
  • January2017

  • December2016

  • December2016

    We started selling a MC Cartridge ‘’Sumile.’’